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How to Use Tuning Forks ♬

Introducing the versatile tuning forks that can be easily used by anyone.

In this course, Tomomi Murayama discusses the techniques and applications of the tuning forks she considers versatile, such as the 528Hz tuning fork and the 136.10Hz tuning fork, along with the significance of their specific frequencies.

Recommended for:

* Those interested in tuning forks

* Those undecided on which frequency to start with

* Those who have tuning forks but don't know how to use them

* Those interested in the power of sound

* Those interested in holistic medicine and sound

* Those interested in alternative medicine and sound

* Those interested in "self-healing" through sound.

The Wonderful Power of Tuning Forks:

♪ Self "Maintenance"

♪ Experience the Power of Frequencies for "Healing"

♪ Cleanse Your Room, Car, Body, and Mind with the Power of Sound

♪ Holistic Health

♪ Harmonize Your Emotions with the Power of "Resonance and Attunement"

There is still much more to explore, but I personally believe that sound possesses both physical and mystical powers.

Important Considerations When Dealing with Sound

Detailed information can be found here.

Please be sure to take a look: m(^^)m

Enjoyably Sharing Various Perspectives

We provide easy-to-understand explanations about sound and tuning forks. Just by watching this video, your approach to playing and handling sound will surely change.

【This is the content included: 】

  1. Introduction to versatile tuning forks
  2. About tuning forks
  3. Physical explanation of vibrations in all things
  4. Reasons why we are fascinated by sound
  5. Journey of sound to the brain
  6. Playing techniques for tuning forks
  7. How to strike the tuning forks with a mallet
  8. How to rotate the tuning forks
  9. How to stop the sound of tuning forks
  10. Understanding the 136.10Hz frequency
  11. Understanding the frequency of OM
  12. Meaning of A, U, M
  13. Earth's frequency
  14. Significance of the Earth's vibration
  15. Understanding the 528Hz frequency
  16. The alleged meaning of DNA repair
  17. 528Hz is one of the Solfeggio frequencies
  18. Power of Hexagon
  19. Application on the physical body
  20. Boosting intestinal health
  21. Acupressure points and reflex zones
  22. Power of tuning forks and voice
  23. Comprehensive review
  • Each section is approximately 3 to 10 minutes long.
  • Please note that this is not a substitute for medical treatment

【Over 3,600 people have been moved by the power of Sound Voice Healing!】

Continuing the research on the power of sound and voice, we have developed Sound Voice Healing.

Deepening our studies in music psychology, music therapy, energy medicine and therapy, we emphasize holistic thinking and reality. We convey the beauty of sound and voice through lectures and workshops.

The workshop satisfaction rate is exceptionally high at 94.6%, and it quickly becomes fully booked.

Already, over 3,600 people have experienced the power of sound and have been amazed by its mysterious effects.

Why does sound possess such power?

Rather than providing vague explanations, we delve a bit more into logical discussions.

Tomomi Murayama, who continues to joyfully share the world of sound, has created this video course.

We hope you enjoy it!

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Example Curriculum

  Multi-purpose Tuning Forks (136.10Hz and 528Hz)
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【Speaker Profile】

Tomomi Murayama

Tomomi Murayama is a speaker who conducts lectures and workshops. She offers BGM suggestions taking into consideration the brain and energy, produces ambient music for salons and clinics, and practices sound voice healing to restore inner radiance. She also provides business consulting using AI technology from Germany and has been making a global impact.

Additionally, she serves as a corporate training instructor, teaching "Voice Guidance that Moves Hearts" and "Business × Art Thinking," helping activate the five senses and delivering appreciated lessons on contemporary management methods.

Tranalator : Erika Fujisawa

Singer - Early music / Sephardic songs / Fado